• Substantially Lower Costs
  • Adjusts to Your Schedule
  • Values Your Time
  • Encourages Your Input
  • Gives You Decision Making Power
  • Focuses on Client Directed Outcome
  • Values Relationship Preservation
  • Encourages Long Term Dialogue
  • Assures Privacy and Confidentiality

Divorce and Custody Issues

Divorce, is never easy, especially when children are involved. The impact of divorce on children is most profound when children are subjected to a cycle of conflict. Mediation focuses on addressing the underlying issues of the conflict to break the cycle and better preserve family relationships. While litigation is adversarial in nature, mediation is respectful. Outcomes are not determined by a Judge who does not have the time to know you or your children. In Mediation, outcomes are specifically tailored to meet the best interest of your children and your family.  Mediation avoids the lost time and  costs of extensive court pleadings, filing and hearing of motions, expansive discovery and the financial  and emotional costs of a court room trial. We would like the opportunity to talk with you about how we can help make a difference to your family now and in the  future.
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Family and Personal Conflict

Whether it's conflict over caregiving issues, disputes between siblings over estate division, or disagreements about personal property and assets among family members, mediation is the least expensive and best choice. It saves time and money over legal proceedings and considers not only the legal aspects of the issue, but the personal and emotional ties of the parties as well. Mediation focuses on what you want.
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Business Conflict

It is not unusual for business partners to encounter conflict, for employees and management to face difficult communications issues, or for employees to have difficulty getting along. Mediation brings a new perspective to dealing with business conflicts and offers innovative solutions that drive quicker resolution and allows everyone to get back to the important work of doing business.
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