Business Partners Who Don’t Agree on Business Issues: What Next?

Creating a business with a business partner can be an exciting time in your life. Both individuals are focused on making the business grow, finding creative solutions to challenges, and creating financial security for the future. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to remember that it may not always be this way. If one business partner decides […]

Mediation Focused on Solutions

Marriage starts out blissful and beautiful – but it can sometimes turn ugly before you even realize what’s happening. That’s what happened to Jill* and Bob* after just six years of marriage and three children. A short time living overseas for employment reasons introduced new challenges into the marriage that created strain for everyone. After […]

When Divorce Happens – Does Mediation Work?

Has this ever happened to you or someone you know? The big “D” word. Divorce can be ugly and when children are involved, it takes on a whole new dimension. But does it have to get ugly and expensive? Have you seen situations where one parent carries more of the parenting responsibilities and disciplining children? […]