Richmond Mediation Specialists Resolve Workplace Conflict

Imagine yourself in the midst of a conflict with a co-worker or management. It happens all the time and it can create a stressful and distressing situation for everyone involved. Conflict causes people to say and do things that they typically would not say or do. And workplace conflict is disruptive to the organization and […]

The Mediation Process

If you’re wondering why and how mediation works, you’ll find lots of information in this video.  You will also discover lots of areas in life where mediation can make a significant difference in how issues are resolved more effectively. Give us a call if you have questions.

Mediation is an Excellent Alternative to Litigation

How important is it to engage in mediation?

Effective Mediation Experts

Mediation involves a facilitative process to help parties come together for a common understanding of their problems and the potential solutions. A skilled mediator has experience in facilitating discussion and has indepth knowledge of the laws of the state. Mediation focuses on: Maintaining a neutral position in the case Clarifying issues and information Encouraging and […]

Mediation Ignores Assumptions

Mediation is a way to resolve issues without having a third party impose a solution on parties. Rather than having a judge decide what’s best, you and the other party have an opportunity to rationally evaluate what’s important to each person and make decisions for yourselves. Mediation allows you to take advantage of a neutral […]

Why Choose Mediation?

Regardless of how you and your spouse may feel about each other, nothing is more important than the care and well-being of your children. Each child is unique and understanding how to support, encourage, nurture, and provide each child with the best possible home environment is essential – whether you’re a couple or contemplating separation […]