Effective Mediation Experts

Mediation involves a facilitative process to help parties come together for a common understanding of their problems and the potential solutions. A skilled mediator has experience in facilitating discussion and has indepth knowledge of the laws of the state. Mediation focuses on:
  • Maintaining a neutral position in the case
  • Clarifying issues and information
  • Encouraging and facilitating open, honest communication
  • Analyzing all aspects of the situation
  • Deploying creativity to facilitate communication
  • Assisting parties in organizing thoughts and understanding motivations
  • Removing barriers
  • Helping parties identify potential solutions
  • Allowing parties to reach an agreeable resolution
As an experienced attorney and mediator, I know how important it is to enable clients to reach a resolution that addresses each party's needs and desires as much as possible. Allowing clients to come to their own conclusions and resolution is the result of effective mediation. If you think mediation is the right course of action in your situation, be sure to choose a mediation expert who focuses on these important aspects of the process listed above.