Why Mediation vs. Litigation?

Mediation vs. Litigation - You Decide.

Averages $6,600 or $250 per hour. You control the costs.
Attorney costs of $25,000 per litigation are common. Retainer of $10,000 to start and $250-350 per hour.
Many conflicts resolved in one 3-hour block of time. You control the time and costs.
Litigation often spans a period of many months and incurs cancelled Court dates, postponements, and other time delays.
You are the expert about your life and solutions that work best for your situation, and in the case of child custody – what is best for the child.
Experts are hired to provide testimony as evidence - a forensic accountant, therapist, social worker, or others. You are no longer the experts on what is best for your personal situation.
You and the other party make the final decision about what is in the best interest of the situation for everyone involved. You make decisions based on best financial outcome, well-being of child(ren), or other personal factors.
A judge makes the final decision about what he/she believes is best for you - how money is split, how business issues are resolved, who has custody of the child(ren) and other decisions.
Flexible appointments including nights and weekend. You control the process.
Litigation is subject to the schedule of the Court and requires filing of the suit, statutory periods for response, a timetable for discovery, motions, and additional hearings.
Parties express viewpoints in safe, neutral environment. Tone is one of cooperation and working together to find an agreeable solution.
Litigation is designed to be adversarial with a winner and a loser. Judges often simply split down the middle with no interest in individual preferences and needs.
Final Outcomes
Win-win situation for both parties.
One person “wins” and one person “loses”.
Mosaic Mediation provides individuals with an alternative to the expense and sometimes lengthy proceedings associated with traditional legal services. Give us a call to discuss whether or not mediation is the best alternative for your unique situation.