Business Mediation

No one starts a business believing that it will eventually come to an end with the partners in dispute. People don't accept a job with a company assuming that one day they will have a major dispute with the owners of the company. Married couples often establish businesses together without considering what will happen if the unthinkable happens down the road. Non-profit organizations, churches, home owner's associations, and other organizations sometimes find themselves embroiled in conflict and are not sure which way to turn. But it happens every day. Hundreds of businesses facing financial difficulties, differences in opinions of owners, and other situations will spend millions of dollars in litigation every year. But litigation is a costly route and mediation can result in quicker resolution with less financial burden on everyone. Whether you have an employment dispute, a contractual dispute, the winding up of a business or handling a family business in a divorce, we can work through the issues that created the conflict. Mediation takes a proactive stance to eliminate potential ambiguity in your documents to avoid future disputes and helps you resolve existing disputes and issues in a timely and efficient manner. If you have a business conflict in any way, mediation is the perfect answer to avoid costly legal fees and lengthy Court proceedings. You will find that mediation helps all parties come out with the best possible solution based on their best interests. That makes it easier to move forward and start fresh quicker.