Divorce, Custody and Visitation

Regardless of how you and your spouse may feel about each other, nothing is more important than the care and well-being of your children. Each child is unique and understanding how to support, encourage, nurture, and provide each child with the best possible home environment is essential - whether you're a couple or contemplating separation of divorce. Many couples facing divorce immediately assume they must turn to lawyers, legal proceedings, and a long drawn-out process to resolve child custody questions. But there is a better way that works for many couples. Mediation provides parents with an opportunity to effectively work through the issues and details of custody and visitation by working together for the benefit of the child(ren). It is also typically thousands of dollars LESS expensive than legal proceedings. When two people have the best interest of the child(ren) in mind, mediation is an alternative to traditional legal proceedings. With both a professional legal degree and experience related to juvenile, domestic, and family law, she is expertly qualified to offer mediation services for child custody questions. When both adults come to mediation with an open mind, it is most effective. The process of mediation requires both individual to give and take in the custody discussions and decisions. Always keeping the best interests and well-being of the child in the center of the discussion makes it much easier to understand how making concessions is part of being responsible, loving, and caring parents.  An expert mediator is able to help two people see how this benefits everyone involved. Be prepared to share your wants and needs with the mediator in an open and honest way, and be prepared to yield to a few demands made by your spouse. Though mediators have the ability to mediate a variety of disputes and mediating a child custody dispute should only involve a mediator with professional training and experience in similar situations. Children are not cookie cutters and the best situation for your child(ren) are as unique as each child involved. Help ease the trauma and strain of divorce on your child(ren) by deploying mediation for the most expeditious and effective solution - avoiding the impersonal and financially draining legal proceedings.