Eldercare and Caregiving

There are few things more stressful than dissension in the family ranks over care of loved ones. After being the child for your entire life, you are now faced with becoming the "parent" to your own parents. Making decisions in the best interest of your parents is not always easy, and it is complicated when siblings or others in the family disagree on the best interest of the person. If you find yourself in conflict over caregiving decisions, you are not alone. Thousands of people are faced with this challenge every day and it can be extremely difficult on family members. What types of problems arise related to eldercare and caregiving?
  • Decisions on types of medical treatment
  • Deciding on places to seek the best medical treatment
  • Bringing a professional into the home to help
  • Utilizing periodic help or full-time support in the home
  • Sharing responsibility for caregiving fairly among siblings
  • Aging in place versus moving to a facility
  • Moving to assisted living versus a nursing home
  • Separating your parents when both are still living but unable to care for each other
  • Taking heroic, life-saving measures or allowing nature to take its course
  • Managing the financial resources of the elderly
  • Enforcing Power of Attorney
  • Declaring a parent 'incompetent'
Whether the conflict is between those in need of care and their children, or whether the conflict is between siblings, Mosaic Mediation can help. We bring sensitivity, understanding, professional training, and personal experience to the table.  We know that caregiving is emotionally, physically, and financially draining. Having lived through the caregiving experience provides us the experience to help. We also have a network of local resources that can be leveraged to optimize care and ensure the dignity of your loved ones. We help each person involved better understand what's at stake, while we help them identify what's important to each person and why. This allows us to begin the process of identifying potential solutions that serve the best interest of the person receiving care and those providing care. In the progression of life, caregivers will inevitably encounter conflict along the way. Mediation is a way to quickly get past those times and focus on providing the best care possible while enjoying quality time together.