Parent – Child Conflicts

Raising children can be a challenging and stressful job when they are babies. As they get older, there are new challenges take them in a different direction. Pre-teens and teenagers are learning to spread their wings and make their own decisions - and that's when a lot of problems start between parents and children. The desire to assert one’s self and test boundaries is a natural progression of growing up. And the need and desire to protect your children is an instinct as old as time. When parental responsiblities and emotions, and teenage hormones and desires for independence intermix, they often clash with competing values. The result? Conflict. When conflict escalates, mediation is one of the best ways to resolve issues and create a roadmap for moving forward together. Mediation brings t0gether the experience of building trust with adolescents in the Court System, with the experience of working with children in education, nonprofits and professional sports. Mosaic Mediation has access to professionals and resources in the community wh are prepared to assist with assessments and services to resolve conflict when appropriate. We have the experience, tools, and resources to help parents and children see understand what's at stake. And mediation helps both parents and children identify what's important to them and how they live together harmoniously based on those personal desires and wants. It helps balance the needs of children and responsibilities of parents in a way that allows both parties to better understand the other person's viewpoints. Rather than spend countless hours in futile disagreements and threatening "emancipation", let Mosaic Mediation help you come together in a friendly environment that encourages openness and honesty. Allow us to help you map out the things that are important to both of you and find a solution that maintains a healthy, loving parent/child relationship. We will partner with your family to build trust and give each member respect, a voice and input into a working family plan.