Personal Property

There are many reasons people find themselves in a dispute over personal property. Divorce or settlement of estates after the death of a loved one are two situations when personal property becomes an issue. Many times, a household item may hold immense sentimental value to individuals and that item's personal value may or may not coincide with its monetary value. What may seem trivial to some people can become a major point of contention for couples facing divorce, children dividing property after the death of parents, or similar situations. Lack of attention to the important details of your life is a common frustration experienced by those who have attempted to navigate the Court Systems. Getting tied up in legal proceedings, hearings, Court delays, property appraisals, expert witnesses, and other aspects of the process can be extremely stressful. And they all lead to unnecessary time and legal fees when mediation can be used for a faster and more amicable resolution. Why does mediation work when it comes to sorting personal property? The answer is simple: What is important to you is important to us. We know that personal property is also associated with very strong emotional ties. Through mediation you can evaluate what's important to each person, why it is important, and how various options affect each person involved. It allows everyone to think through their own motives and desires, and work together for the best solution for everyone.